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I possess a wide range of instructional, graphic, and web design skills,
and with proficiency in a broad range of learning management,
development and design software applications, have created
print and digital materials for both academic and training courses.





I am currently volunteering with Habitat for Humanity as the project lead, developing eLearning modules for their training programs. The course materials focus on engagement and mastery, and utilize games, scenarios, and software simulations. I absolutely love the fact that I am contributing to a truly great organization.


From 2005 to 2015, while teaching at York University, I assisted in the effective implementation of learning management system within the music department, and was invited to facilitate staff training seminars. I designed and maintained many courses and course materials that incorporated rich multimedia and a wide variety of assessment activities, not to mention being the “go-to” person for support.


In 2009, I identified an opportunity for the Ontario Swimming Officials Association to extend their classroom-based certification program to an online platform which drastically increased enrollment by making the program easily accessible to all. Working closely with SMEs, I was responsible for the creation of course materials in addition to backend development and maintenance of the LMS. I particularly enjoyed training club representatives and providing support to users.


During my time at PTA Music, I facilitated staff development programs focused on classroom management, curriculum, and customer service. I created a peer mentoring program to expose teachers, new and experienced, to students of varying ages, developmental levels, and learning styles. In addition, I designed eLearning curriculum materials for Royal Conservatory of Music theory, history, and pedagogy courses.


  Et enfin, mes compétences dans la compréhension de la langue française sont beaucoup plus fortes que mes compétences verbales, mais je me réjouis de toute opportunité de développement et d’amélioration.



Graphic Design Portfolio